We have the expertise necessary to provide practical legal advice calibrated to each client’s risk-tolerance levels in a variety of areas...

Corporate Solutions

  • Transactional Advice
    • Business contracts
    • Operational and commercial issues
    • Strategic corporate transactions
    • New programs and lines of business
    • Government-sponsored business initiatives
    • Formations and divestitures
    • Employment related matters
  • Finance
    • Debt
    • Equity
    • Restructures
    • Social Impact Investments
    • Grants and Program Related Investments (PRIs)
  • Governance
    • Board book development
    • Board meeting management
    • Director and shareholder relations
    • Fiduciary duty training
    • Record development and retention
    • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment and mitigation processes

Comprehensive Outsourced Solutions

  • Fully or partially outsourced legal, governance, compliance and/or contract management functions and related business processes
  • Legal department business process re-engineering
  • Technology-based systemization
    • Governance
    • Compliance
    • Contract management
  • Compliance oversight and reporting
    • Contractual
    • Regulatory