Key Differentiators between Concierge Legal and a Traditional Law Firm...

  • Fixed rate billing, enabling the client to:
    • Accurately and consistently budget for the expense related to its day-to-day legal costs
    • Freely connect with its attorney, ensuring that she is positioned to provide practical, timely advice as the client’s business strategy is developed and implemented
    • Reduce potential risks that arise when business planning is not coupled with legal advice
  • Virtual offices, ensuring that:
    • The client’s legal costs reflect the expertise and advice actually provided by Concierge Legal, rather than a pass-through of a traditional law firm’s real estate and administrative expenses
  • Intentional integration with management and staff, enabling:
    • Concierge Legal to understand the drivers for each client’s success and the potential impediments to that success
    • Collaboration with CFOs, controllers and auditors, ensuring that solutions are effective from an accounting perspective, as well as from a legal perspective
  • A Business attorney with business experience, who:
    • Has had invaluable experience managing cross-functional teams within a business environment, developing strategic business plans and successfully aligning strategic plans with budgetary responsibilities
    • Understands that each client has a need to balance risks and rewards, and strives to provide advice that is calibrated to the client’s unique risk tolerance levels