We provide executive level legal support and insights to our clients on a fixed fee basis; our clients are companies with a demonstrated need for high touch, in-house legal support in a variety of areas, and a desire to maximize returns on their resource investments.

Our clients integrate Concierge Legal into their operations, enabling us to provide legal advice and support as the business evolves. This reduces the likelihood and expense of having to manage through legal issues after key decisions have been made.

Our clients enjoy developing a relationship with an attorney who learns its business, understands its goals and is available to support those goals through conceptualization, development, and implementation – without having to focus on managing the billable hours and productivity of its attorney, or having to directly manage the infrastructure associated with establishing an in-house legal department.

Our clients benefit from having knowledgeable counsel in place to proactively and pre-emptively mitigate legal risk associated with their business operations, and to efficiently and effectively manage business transactions that are material to the successful achievement of their goals.

Our clients optimize their business results through our partnership with best-in-class business solutions provider Apicem Analytics.